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Bone Demon Horns WO203
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Bone Demon Horns WO203
Product Information

Although most of the appliances can be worn in several places. Position the Woochie appliance onto the skin in the desired area and press into place. Edges may be trimmed for a better fit. For best adhesion, remove the Woochie appliance and use the appliance itself (or your index finger) to tack the Spirit Gum with a rapid up and down motion. This will cause the Spirit Gum to become extremely tacky. Then firmly press the appliance back into place.

Using a small brush or cotton swab work a small amount of Cinema Secrets Makeup & Adhesive Remover under the edges of the Woochie appliance. Be careful when working around the eyes, to not get any remover or blood in the eyes. Once removed, remove any residual adhesive or makeup by rubbing more remover into the area. Rinse the skin using a towel and warm water. For additional applications, clean the Woochie appliance with soap and water and a small amount of alcohol. Let dry and store out of the damaging rays of direct sunlight.

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